Nearby coastal voyages along the Southside or Westside and also the Northshore allows for various activities or a combination of activities. Sufing,snorkling,fishing,diving photoshoots, private wedding, one-man canoe ocean escort,six-man canoe escort, water safety or just Holoholo (go on an adventure) along the beautiful Maui coastline. 

Local Style

Meet people and share in the Aloha spirit. Create lasting memories through a personalized experience backed by local knowledge of the ocean and the islands and enjoy a private adventure without the big crowds.

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Holoholo Coastal Voyages

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Welcome to the island of Maui!


We are a small family business that enjoys the ocean and all the activities it has to offer.


The abundant marine life that surrounds our island makes this place unique but the most important aspects of our journey are the people we meet, the relationships we build and the memories we create along the way.


The Aloha spirit is alive and well, come along on an adventure with us and we'll show you!


Our Services

From a private adventure along the coast for you and your family, to professional canoe escort and water patrol service, we do it all. Click book online for more details!

Coastal Adventure

Private Canoe Escort

Ocean Safety Water Patrol

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